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Ordesa viewpoints

This spectacular tour to Ordesa Valley lasts a total of four hours. Our vans will depart from Torla’s main parking lot (next to Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park Visitor Center). We will first cross the Ara River and contemplate the Glera Romanesque bridge. We will then drive through a mixed forest up to Plains Diazas. At this point, we will make our first stop of our journey past the chapel of Santa Ana where you will be able to shoot and capture a panoramic view of Ara Valley, a site which will also allow us to contemplate the crest of Mount Vignamale as we wander through a tale-like forest filled by black pines (Pinus uncinata).
Our second stop at the Molar will provide us with a broad perspective of Santa Elena’s gorge (Bujaruelo Valley), Ordesa, Tozal del Mall, Bujaruelo and Carriata.

Punta Acuta will be our third stop. Here, you will be ale to observe the five mountain ranges of pre-Pyrenees, Mount Montañesa, and Sierra de Guara. On clear days you can also see the Moncayo, Cotatuero , “El Casco”, the entire area of Fraucata and Marboré, as well as, “El Gallinero” and Mondarruego. Aside from these magnificent views, you may even be lucky enough to sight the beautiful Edelweiss flower at this spot.

Our fourth stop is situated along a stunning limestone pavement where Brecha de RolandoCotatuero waterfall,Mount Taillon“finger of Rolando”, and Mount Marboré take over, creating a gorgeous skyline.

Our fifth and last stop of the tour will give you the opportunity to observe Soaso, its beautiful water steps, the famous Cola de Caballo fall, as well as the grandiose Monte Perdido and the majestic neighboring peaksEl Cilindro and Soum de Ramound. Here, Sarrios (Chamois), a goat-antelope species native to these mountains, are easily spotted.

This last viewpoint is not accessible to people suffering from bad health conditions or have a certain disability. In that case, we will provide these individuals with access to a similar site where they will also be able to enjoy the beauty of Ordesa.

All of our vehicles are fully equipped with telescopes, allowing us to spot wildlife in their own habitat, as well as mountaineers hiking and climbing many of the mountains and peaks previously mentioned.

Basic information

Duration: 4 hours (roundtrip)
Hours: Tours begin at 10 am (morning) and 4 pm (afternoon)
Price: 40€ (Adults) – 35€ (Children under 10)
45€ (Adults) – 40€ (Children under 10)(High season, July to September)
Observations: Weather conditions may determine whether or not it is appropriate for our vehicles to perform the tour. Of course, you will be notified in advance about major changes in our weather forecast.

360º panoramas

Miradores de Ordesa - O Molar

O Molar viewpoint

Miradores de Ordesa - Mirador de Punta Acuta

Punta Acuta viewpoint

Miradores de Ordesa - Brecha de Rolando

Brecha de Rolando view

Miradores de Ordesa - Mirador de Ziarrazil

Ziarrazils viewpoint

360º panoramas by Aragón virtual

What you will see…


  • Pinus uncinata (Black pine)
  • Edelweiss flower


  • Marmot (ground squirrels)
  • Sarrio (Chamois)
  • Golden Eagle (Aquila crysaetos)
  • Vulture
  • Osprey


  • Vignemale
  • Carriata cirque
  • Soaso cirque
  • Cola de Caballo waterfall
  • Monte Perdido massif
  • Refugio de Goriz
  • All Ordesa valley

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